GLACE ! is ICE ! in english…



is a poetic and burlesque piece created in 2016 where 7 artists combine sensational and sensitive work with dance, hip hop, object theater, ice-dance and figure.

About Trafic de Styles 

is keen to explore the precision of the moves, the fragile balance between art and performance, between soul and body, keeping in mind the will to stay close to all of us, with sincerity and generosity.
Exactitude, strength, singularity, poetry, inspiration, imagination: Trafic de Styles has something very special that links our inner nature to the universal.

About the show…

Claire Bournet and Sébastien Lefrançois have met to create a show at the crossroads of respective art and universe. They have in common an « ice-skater childhood » in which they both have memory of creative disobedience: once the lesson was over, they tried, played, experimented new figures, new sensations, out of the box, out of the rules.
For Claire, it was a necessity to seize the figure skating and to mix with other forms of expression to take it to the creation;
With the desire to offer multiple and flexible configurations to perform either on permanent and outdoor ice rinks but specially within the intimacy of a theater. Discovering Sébastien’s creation Romeos&Juliets, she had the intuition they had to collaborate together to create a show at the crossroads of respective art and universe.
Sebastien is convinced that creation means emancipation from esthetic frontiers, to embody his writing, he has made up a team with 7 performers coming from many artistic origins – hip hop, circus, theater, dance, figure skating and ice dance. They all get involved in the inner creation as Sebastien likes to organise, making the public and the non- professionals enter his creative process.

The team

Concept Claire Bournet
Choreography Sébastien Lefrançois
Assisted by Thierno Thioune
Scenography & Dramaturgy Yan Bernard
Music design Thierry Bertomeu
Lighting design David Baudenon
Costumes Erick Plaza cochet

On stage

Tuomas Lahti (Finland)  / Elisa Siegmund (Germany) / Isabelle Franques (France) /Manuel guillaud or Arthur Falissard (France) /Claire Bournet (France) / Aurélien Robert (France) / Joël Colas (France)

Beyond the show

Sébastien Lefrançois Claire Bournet Tuomas Lahti and Joël colas present an original and interactive conference in 3 parts:

-The story of Glace!   A time to tell the frozen adventure and meeting of different dicipline on ice

-In vivo demonstrations  to illustrate the questions , experiments , insights and revelations of this kind of work.

-The visit of the back stage and  machinery to discover the ice plant.


-A playful invitation to share with the public, on ice, with shoes with the artists.

A way to remember that dance is experience ant a time of sharing .


Trafic de styles know-how !
To succeed , Claire and Sebastien began with thinking and experimenting. For 2 years, they develop their laboratories and research with a serial of amateur creation workshops, open to everyone and also with professional ice skaters and freestylers from everywhere. Neither research of technical virtuosity or creative project , the workshops are open to all , young and old, beginners or confirmed , individually or as a family. Being comfortable on ice-skates, is to know how to control the weight , balance , attitude , speed . The public is invited to explore the ice, sliding, gliding, altogether and individually throught games and exercices …


us for full dossier & technical rider

Claire Bournet + 33 6 88 15 51 76